Sunday, May 3, 2015

Love knows no borders: Heading to Colombia

As a Christian, I believe churches have a priority of sending people out. Jesus Christ gave us the mission of making disciples for Him for the transformation of the world. Thus, we are to seek Kingdom expansion! Every church has a responsibility to spread the Gospel beyond its own four walls, and we are to constantly be looking outward—whether locally or to the remotest edges of the world.  We are to proclaim the Word of God in truth and love.

As a people on mission for Jesus Christ, we share the passions of God’s heart for one another, for our nation, and for the nations of the earth. Therefore, my husband and I will be partnering with God to be world changers by being a part of a team that will be planting two churches in very unchurched areas in Colombia during an 11-day mission trip in October.

We want to reach as many people as we can with the love of God. We are invited to be the catalyst to get a movement started in Colombia.

First, we desperately need your prayer.  We believe revival begins with prayer. Your prayers will be the fuel that will allow us to be successful as we follow God’s leading in our ministry in Colombia. With your prayer support, great things can happen.

Second, as you can imagine, a trip like this requires financial support. It will cost about $6,000 for both my husband and I to go (with those funds also going to help build the foundation of the church plants, water purifiers for the communities, supplies for the church plants’ ministry and more). So you are not only supporting us, but the church plants as well. We are digging into our savings as we are committed to being obedient to what God is calling and leading us to do in participating in His worldwide mission. But we still need your help. If you would like to give, please let us know.

… And since this is a book blog, I couldn’t go without mentioning the “Mission Journal” by Ellie Claire that I just picked up to take on the trip. It is full of blank pages for me to fill out while on the risk-taking mission trip, and also includes inspiring Scripture and quotes. At the bottom of each page it asks: “What is God teaching me?” and “How is God changing me.” I can’t even begin to imagine the answers to those questions, but know it will be profound.


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