Monday, May 20, 2013

Reading this book made me Happy, Happy, Happy!!!

REVIEW: Happy, Happy, Happy: My Life and Legacy as the Duck Commander by Phil Robertson

My husband and I love the A&E hit Duck Dynasty, and as fans of the show, I was excited to read more about Phil Robertson, the famous patriarch of the Robertson clan.

The book was real and authentic.  Phil humbly spoke about the bad days, like when he kicked his wife and kids out of the house because he prized his partying lifestyle more and they were getting in the way.  But then he spoke about redemption—how he repented of his ways and Jesus Christ saved his soul and transformed him into a new creation—the person we know him as on the show.

This book brought joy to my heart as it evangelistically, with no bones about it, talked about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Phil would have it no other way.

Reading this book gives you a glimpse inside their lives as Christians that you don’t see on TV—how they baptize countless people in the river by their house, how they witness to everyone they can, and how they seek to save lost souls.  They are on a mission and the only reason Phil believes Duck Dynasty is so successful is because God wanted it to be.  Using that show as a springboard has allowed them to tour the country and speak about Jesus and to end each of their shows praying as a family to Christ.  Praise God that the family does not plan to let up telling others the Good News!

If you are a Duck Dynasty fan, or even if you are not, as a Christian this is must-read … it shows the power of grace, mercy, and redemption of Jesus Christ and how God can turn our lives around when we surrender to His power and glory!

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